Lunar Sabbath



The feast days spiritually memorialize YAHUAH’s entire plan of redemption (salvation) for Israel (His chosen people). So Bet Yeshurun Assembly, in obedience, opens its sanctuary to worship Yah on His moedim (set-apart days including Chodesh). All the feasts stand together and are equally important. When BYA gathers to celebrate a New Moon we are following the ways of our ancient fathers, but do so in a converted manner of new life and faith (Isaiah 1:13-14).

Except for certain sacrificial practices found in the Books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, the celebrations of New Moons, Sabbaths and festivals are similar. In the Millennium everyone will know what to do for Chodesh. (Isaiah 66:23). The first step in the process is to recognize something is to be done, then begin doing it. Taking that first step will lead to more revelation. Yah will gently correct the way of His people to have them worship Him as He desires. So why not start being a Chodesh-keeper starting with the next New Moon celebration?


Visit our Schedule page for dates and times of worship. All interested visitors are welcome to attend!

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